Sunday, July 26, 2009

WV to VA

The Trek Crew has made it to Virginia! We were thrilled to have made it through West Virginia, the only state that is completely covered in Appalachian mountains. These last few days and nights since our break in Charleston have been interesting, and some of the most difficult days of the journey for many Michigan riders.

Our last afternoon in Charleston five of us went and indulged our Harry Potter obsession with a viewing of the sixth movie. Later that evening we met the Colorado team and were joined by two other riders: Cims, a large, loud, jolly fellow who loves to belt gospel-type folk songs while we ride and turn the heads of entire parking lots full of people in valley towns, and Kyle, a friend of one of our Washington state organizers who is trekking with a ten dollar thrift store bike he got before the trip.

That morning we left a thank you for Dana, who had hosted us for three nights in her apartment, and headed to Summerville Lake. Our group was the first to a road full of campgrounds, and none of them had reservations for 35 cyclists. We chose a camping area on the lake that was really cheap, but we had to pay the price of waiting in a huge line THREE TIMES and trying to find out the first and last name of everyone who would be camping with us, finding 4 people with driver’s licenses, and making sure that each of our home states was represented through our registration.

Phew! Time to eat. During our meal we always have a group meeting and talk about community tasks for the next day – what groceries need to be purchased, who will drive the support vehicle, who will wash dishes, what are we having for breakfast, etc. Tonight’s meeting turned into a musical with food themed lyrics and kitchen utensil instruments. All that fun was not enough to tickle everyone’s fancies, though, because many people went swimming in the beautiful (and surprisingly warm) lake, and a few others walked 4 miles to get ice cream at 11pm.

More to come later! We’ve been camping in the woods for so long that we haven’t had internet, but we’ll keep posting updates about the end of our trip. Today we’re biking into DC, and nearing the end of this incredible journey!

-Nichole and the Michigan Trekkers

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