Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Biking to Washington, Maybe We'll Meet Steven Chu?

Reading Rolling Stone magazine last night, I came across an article about Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winning physicist and Obama's Energy Secretary. Typically you see pictures of him dressed in a suit, like most people in Washington, but Rolling Stone featured a photo of him decked out in a helmet and spandex shorts. Chu is a legit biker, and according to R.S., his only luxury is his $5000 carbon-fiber Colnago bike.

He doesn't even own a car, although this wouldn't be too difficult at U.C. Berkeley, the country's most bike-friendly campus. Moving from Berkeley to Washington, however, he now has a gas-guzzling chaperone.

I realize that Steven Chu's appearances on two wheels are part of a press stint, but I'm glad we have a biker as our Secretary of Energy. After all, biking is one of the most efficient uses of energy!

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